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Best Angus Ranch

Pete and Vawnita Best
Watford City, North Dakota

Our Mission for our cow herd is to produce highly functional, problem-free cattle that perform and thrive in diverse environments while striving to improve performance without sacrificing our focus on the profitability of the cow.

Malek Angus Ranch

Ty and Alecia Malek
Highwood, Montana

McCumber Angus Ranch

Matt and Cynthia Tastad
Rolette, North Dakota

McCumber Angus Ranch has always bred cattle with the female in mind. It is the cow that is most important to any cattle operation. We at McCumber have always selected sires that have outstanding, proven females as their dams. The dams of our herd bulls must be fertile, have excellent udders, and be feminine through their heads and necks with deep powerful bodies, which allow them to keep their flesh through the cold winters and hot summers.

Meyer Company Ranch

Helmville, Montana

At Meyer Company Ranch we're serious in our commitment to produce the best Red Angus seedstock possible for you and your program. We are excited about the changes taking place in the industry and are ready to meet the challenges that come with them. The Red Angus breed has the ability to pass on the desirable characteristics and traits that are needed in the beef industry. To put it simply, Meyer Company Ranch is working hard to create value in every bull and female that's offered in order to obtain a successful partnership with the cattle producer. We look forward to talking with you about our ranch and Red Angus program and learning about your cattle operation. Feel free to visit the ranch in Helmville anytime, whether you call in advance or are just passing through.

NJW Polled Herefords

Ned and Jan Ward
Sheridan, Wyoming

Our cattle are backed by the predictability and integrity of their bloodlines and we stand behind them with confidence. Our bulls are raised on Wyoming range and their mother's milk only, weaned on grass and weaner pellet, then wintered on a complete pellet and hay ration. We feed them ourselves here on the ranch and are available to show you our bulls at anytime. These cattle we raise, are the result of problem-free, hard-working females and disciplined, common-sense selection for balanced traits.
Contact information:
Ned and Jan Ward
247 A Decker Road
Sheridan, WY 82801
Home Phone: 307-672-3248
Ned's Cell: 307-751-3298
Jan's Cell: 307-751-9470

Schaff Angus Valley

Kelly and Martie Jo Schaff
St. Anthony, North Dakota

For seven decades, the SAV cow herd has been built with continuous selection pressure, rigid culling and uncompromising breeding commitment to become the foundation of this successful program. The proven cows who surface to the top of the SAV herd are identified and enrolled in an extensive embryo transplant program. Embryos from these elite producers are collected each year to propagate and concentrate their superior genetics and allow SAV to offer multiple sons and daughters of their leading females.

Shoco Red Angus

Sally Shortridge
Augusta, Montana

In order to form the nucleus of a new Red Angus seedstock herd, Shoco Red Angus purchased John VanDyke's individual selected performance bloodlines. These cows have contributed by placing embryo transplants into Shoco's commercial cows. Our motto is "Don't Just Fertilize ... Specialize", means "maximum fertility" by selecting top lines, always improving traits to reproduce consistently generation after generation. Shoco produces Red Angus with an easy-going disposition, superior maternal traits, and the optimum combination of birth weight coupled with growth.

VanDyke Angus Ranch

Lee VanDyke
Manhattan, Montana

We strive to breed cattle that are strong in maternal and performance traits, and having the ability to survive in the commercial settings of Montana. We stress females that are fertile, phenotypically correct with good dispositions. Our breeding program utilizes the valuable information made available by the American Angus Association's Sire Evaluation Report. We also do extensive carcass testing on the herd sires that we produce. Every year we use progressive commercial herds around the country to distribute semen on some of the more promising bull that we have raised. The cows are bred at random and the calves are then sold to a feedlot that can handle cattle for the CAB requirements. We believe that by using progeny proven sires, we can achieve predictable performance. Predictable performance is no secret, nor does it involve any magic. What it does involve is a program - a breeding program dedicated to an end result.