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Meet our Staff:

Michael E. Wehrman, PhD  —  Reproductive Physiologist

Dr. Michael E. Wehrman grew up on a small farm in Shepherd Montana. Michael came to Montana State University on an athletic scholarship for the Track and Field team in pole vaulting. While attending MSU he became involved with various research in reproductive physiology with Dr. James G. Berardinelli.

Upon completion of his Bachelors of Science degree at MSU in 1987, Dr. Wehrman joined Dr. Gary William's lab at Texas A&M University for a Master's of Science degree in reproductive physiology. His thesis1 research evaluated the effects of feeding high fat diets to cattle on ovarian follicular development. In addition to his master's research, Michael had the opportunity to work in the lab of Dr. Dewey Kraemer, a pioneer in embryology and embryo transfer technology. While in Dr. Kramer's lab Michael developed his interest and skills in embryo transfer technology in cattle.

After completion of his MS degree in 1989, Dr. Wehrman joined the reproductive physiology group at the University of Nebraska in Dr. Jim Kinder's lab. Michael's doctoral dissertation2 focused on the effects of ovarian follicular development during estrous synchronization and superovulation on embryonic development and pregnancy rates after embryo transfer in beef cattle. In addition, he was involved with early research using CIDR's for estrous synchronization in beef cattle which was submitted to the USDA for government approval in the USA.

After Michael received his Ph.D. in reproductive physiology in 1996 he worked for Trans Ova Genetics in the Iowa, Missouri and Montana units. During this time he was responsible for managing the embryo collection teams and maintenance of the embryology lab. Michael gained a national certification from the American Embryo Transfer Association in 1997.

Following his passion for embryology and bovine reproductive physiology, Dr. Wehrman established Rocky Mountain Reproductive Services (RMRS) in Belgrade, Montana in 2001. Currently RMRS is a certified American Embryo Transfer Association company and offers a number of Embryo Transfer related services in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

In addition to his work with RMRS Dr. Wehrman is an adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences at Montana State University. Dr. Wehrman currently teaches the Assisted Reproductive Techniques during the fall semester.

1. Wehrman, ME. 1990. Effects of hyperlipidemic diets on follicular steroidogenesis and development in Brahman crossbred females. M.S. Thesis, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.

2. Wehrman, ME. 1996. Development of a persistent ovarian follicle during estrous synchronization affects fertility and follicular recruitment in cattle. Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE