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Understanding Superovulation

folltropin (FSH)

Every time a cow prepares to ovulate there are several follicles that are present; however, only one follicle becomes dominate and is given the opportunity to ovulate and become fertilized. At each stage of the follicles' growth there are key hormones that the cow's system and the follicle use to communicate. By utilizing these hormones, that naturally occur in the system, the other follicles can be stimulated to continue to grow so they too will be given the opportunity to ovulate and to be fertilized.

What You Have to Do

We will discuss each donor cow that you want to superovulate and set up a schedule specifically for her. You will then need to administer the shots, heat detect and AI (natural service can also be utilized during superovulation) according to the schedule.

Always Remember when in doubt ask: We are here to serve you. If you have a question about any part of the process never hesitate to call.

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